There’s a lot to think about when you start your journey to becoming a doctor. Indemnity needs to be considered early on as it’s something that impacts your professional life long after you hang up your stethoscope.

The MDU is committed to supporting members’ throughout their career and can be invaluable if things don’t go to plan, or when you simply need advice. We’re the UK market leader for medical defence and have an unmatched record of helping members overcome the challenges which could threaten their livelihood. You can call us in confidence and speak to a medico-legal expert, our medico-legal advisers are all doctors, and have personal experience of the challenges you face.

Whether your work is NHS indemnified or not, being an MDU member provides access to support for many types of medico-legal issues, including complaints to the GMC, attendance at inquests, disciplinary hearings and criminal investigations arising from your clinical practice. You can also access resources to support your professional development such as, seminars and e-learning modules, and a wealth of advice on our website and the MDU app.

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