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BSMS ACS is a welcoming community that strives to empower, entertain, and educate its members whilst simultaneously celebrating our heritage ensuring every member of our society feels supported throughout their time at BSMS. Through our mentorship programme and revision resources, we endeavour to support each other academically, creating leaders and a sense of community as a result.
Creating stronger links with both Sussex and Brighton ACSs, supporting the black community and having a series of both fun and educational social events are just some of our plans for the upcoming academic year. Our society is open to everyone, so sign up and join us!


BSMS Anaesthetics Society exists to educate and provide opportunities for BSMS students to explore the idea of becoming an anaesthetist. We do this by holding talks, being involved in career events, through running our successful Shadowing Scheme, and more!
Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved or have any ideas!

Anatomy Society

Anatomy Society aims to assist you throughout your time at medical school in all things anatomy!

We are planning many amazing events including a spooktacular Hallowe’en social, a visit to a pathology museum in London, as well as regular KT revision quizzes for Year 1 and events for all students from all years.

We would love to see you at our events – make sure to follow us on Instagram (@bsmsanatomysoc) to keep up to date with what’s happening, It’s going tibia great year!


BSMS AMECS (the Association of Medical Education and Clinical Skills) is a society which allows students to get involved with teaching their peers, through delivering extra-curricular clinical skills sessions and OSCE revision sessions. We deliver our events throughout the year and work closely with the medical school to ensure the content covered is in line with the BSMS curriculum. Please get in contact if you want to get involved with teaching, have an idea for a session that you think needs delivering or have any general queries.


Welcome to BSMS GAMING!
We currently provide an online plethora of different games for you, friends and new people in BSMS to play together!
In a time when we’re all much less social, we wanted to provide everyone with an opportunity to play some games, meet new people in their year or different years, and have some fun along the way!
We currently support: Among us!, Warzone, Pictionary, Cards against humanity and cannot wait to add more options online and hopefully in person one day!
So feel free to follow us on our social media to stay up to date and the BSMS GAMING committee look forwards to hopefully meeting you soon!
Love from the BSMS GAMING committee ✨


Our aim is to increase students’ exposure to cardiology here at BSMS, and demonstrate what an exciting and rewarding specialty it can be! If you are interested in the heart, how to turn your interest into your specialty later on, and more generally how to perfect your cardiovascular skills for med school (like these all important ECG reading skills), you are in the right place!
We like to combine student-led and cardiologists-led approaches and our events span all years so you can get as much as possible from the society.

Cardiothoracic Surgical society (BSMS CTSS)

The BSMS cardiothoracic surgical society (BSMS CTSS) provides students with an environment to learn and explore more the exciting field of cardiothoracic surgery. As cardiothoracic surgery is not a part of the BSMS curriculum, we aim to stimulate student interest via organising talks, suturing sessions, workshops, and research opportunities. Please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to stay up to date with all our plans for the year. 

Christian Medical Fellowship

Hello everyone and welcome to Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)! We are a community of Christian medics working through what it means to be a Christian in medicine. We’re hoping to make a comeback this year and will be putting on loads of fun events. We exist to support one another in our journeys through faith and medicine through community, which we are really hoping to build in the upcoming year. We are also affiliated to (although separate from) Sussex and Brighton CUs (Christian Unions). We would love to have you at our events, whether you are a Christian or not! Much love and God bless! 


This society aims to promote skin health as well as dermatology as a speciality. 


EMSoc is a society passionate about emergency medicine. We love to try and increase the exposure we have as students to this amazingly varied and challenging field, and we do this through our regular events throughout the year and through our social media pages (give us a follow if you want to stay updated!). We put on talks by interesting doctors in the field, do some practical skills evenings – especially for the younger years who have less EM exposure, and have some fun events like pub quizzes too. One not to miss is definitely our annual trauma conference, centred around emergency and trauma care, which has some amazing input from emergency experts and gives students the opportunity to practice their own trauma skills in our live trauma moulages. If you have any questions please contact us via any of our social medias or email us


BSMS Medical Feminist Society is a group created to increase student exposure to medical and non-medical feminist issues, increase social consciousness and to share ideas and thoughts. You don’t in any way have to identify as a feminist to join, all that is required is an open mind and a willingness to find out more about it!

Friends of MSF

Friends of MSF (FoMSF) work alongside and to support MSF UK’s vision, mission, core values and action plans. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters, and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. We hold many events such a film screening, small talks, and our large conference, which is our most popular event. Here, speakers from MSF who have travelled all around the world to share their experiences, raise awareness on current world issues, as well as teach students while raising money to support their work. We’re a very friendly committee so come talk to us and attend our events if you are passionate about supporting accessible and free healthcare, for everyone.


BSMS GastroSoc is a society committed to inspiring and supporting students with an interest in either Gastroenterology or General Surgery. We host engaging and thought-provoking talks from prominent clinicians and academics in the field with the aim of providing insight into the career prospects related to Gastroenterology. To support students with their learning, we also run educational events for that provide informal teaching on topics/clinical skills central to the medical school curriculum.  


GeriSoc is a society which attempts to demonstrate how varied and interesting care of the elderly as a specialty can be. With online seminars, Module 306 revision sessions and collaborated events with other societies in the pipeline, this is a society where there is much to get involved in. 

To find out more and to ensure you don’t miss out on any events, please find and join our group on Facebook. In the meanwhile here is a quote from Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal” 

“It is not death that the very old tell me they fear. It is what happens short of death—losing their hearing, their memory, their best friends, their way of life” 

Green Medicine

BSMS Green Medicine Society are a group of students aiming to raise discussion on how the healthcare system impacts and is impacted by climate change, the environment and sustainability. We host talks and seminars to share information and help medical students and healthcare workers get involved


BSMS GPSoc is a society aimed at students who are interested in General Practice or want to learn more about what life as a GP entails. We plan to host an array of events such as talks from GPs with special interest, portfolio GPs and interactive sessions including ethical dilemmas. GPSoc aims to continue collaborating with the Royal College of General Practitioners to bring you a vast array of opportunities and to explore the dynamic field of GP.

We look forward to seeing you at our events and throughout the year! 


We aim to educate medical students about homelessness through talks, and to provide support to those in vulnerable living situations in Brighton and Hove through volunteering opportunities, such as helping Sussex Homeless Support to organise clothes in their warehouse and distribute food at the Clock Tower.

This year, with less emphasis on volunteering due to covid-19, we plan to focus this year on organising more FUNdraising events such as ZOOM PUB QUIZZES, challenges such as Race to end Homelessness and film/documentary screenings in collaboration with other societies.

This year we will be working much more in collaboration with other societies committed to addressing social inequalities in the UK, to best support medical students in understanding patients with complex needs, and to give a more accurate representation of how interconnected social issues are. This extends to charities and NGOs- we aim to improve medical students’ knowledge of organisations outside the NHS who can support rough sleepers and those in vulnerable housing post-discharge.

BSMS ImmunoSoc

Welcome to newly established BSMS Immunology and Infectious Diseases society!

With a committee of enthusiastic and driven students, we aim to increase exposure to the field of Immunology. 

Make sure to join our group and keep up with our events.

Intensive Care Soc

Welcome to the NEW MedSoc society of Intensive Care! If you’re interested in intensive, anaesthetic, or emergency medicine then get involved in this society. We will be organising various talks and experiences for you all to get involved in, so keep an eye on our facebook page. See you in the coming year!

Islamic Society

BSMS Islamic society represents the Muslim community at BSMS! We hold events open to everyone, from all faiths and backgrounds throughout the year so be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages


We are BSMS Medart, a society that encourages med students to get creative, no matter their artistic abilities!
We aim to put on a wide range of events, including workshops, talks, competitions, social media campaigns and trips; our most popular event so far has been our prosection life drawing sessions


We hope to expand this year, and so if you’d like to get involved, follow our socials for info on upcoming events.


Our aim is to provide a forum where doctors, medical students and interested 6th formers from all over Sussex can meet and hear distinguished speakers deliver interesting and stimulating talks on a variety of medical and non-medical topics. These talks aim to tackle some of the major medical, ethical, philosophical, educational and medico-political issues that confront health professionals and the general public alike

Medical Leadership and Management Society

Leadership and management are unfortunately often overlooked in the Medical curriculum. Despite this, it is inevitable that each and every one of us will take on a role as leader at some point during our careers. The Medical Leadership and Management (MLM) Society aims to bridge this gap. To bring people together, and to foster an environment whereby experience and knowledge can be shared. Ultimately equipping us all with the skills needed to become better leaders, doctors, colleagues, and people.

Our aim is to inspire you to become the kind of leaders we all want to see in the future. As a society, we facilitate this by showcasing great local leaders, providing mentorship opportunities, and offering shadowing programmes. On top of all of this, we can help you achieve recognised qualifications in leadership, management, and quality improvement. This kind of training is invaluable, and absolutely fundamental to building strong foundations for your future.

Taking an interest in leadership and management is not just the responsibility of the executives and managers. These are skills we all must develop, and skills which are fundamental to good medical practice.

We look forward to working with you all.

Medical Research

It is through research that medicine progresses and develops. The medical research society was established to expose students to the world of research, giving them an insight into how it is conducted and how they can get involved. We hope to inform students of research opportunities available to them through online posts and events, and provide the support for students who wish to apply. We will also be hosting talks and journal club meetings. Join us to delve into a fascinating world of science together!


Day by day technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered across all specialities. Furthermore, the development of healthcare leaders is pivotal to the success of healthcare systems. The traditional and orthodox approach of making the assumption that physician, nursing and administrative leaders emerge, is no longer effective and a more targeted approach is required. We aim to bring the future of healthcare to you!


Neurosoc is a society for people interested in neurology as a career and for those with a more general interest in the field. We have had increasingly successful years since NeuroSoc’s founding, hosting talks and running revision sessions particularly aimed at years 2 and 3. We hope to continue to expand and adapt our events this year to provide as many neurology related opportunities as we can!


Nutritank promotes the need for improved and increased nutrition and lifestyle medicine training within UK medical schools.

As the BSMS branch (one of 15 across the country so far), we have worked with lecturers and held events with dietitians and other healthcare professionals. We also host an Instagram infographic series for students. We’d love to get as many students involved as possible so that we can be better clinicians in the future!

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

BSMS ObGynSoc is a society for anyone and everyone who has an interest in the specialty Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Obs & Gynae). Obs & Gynae is a very unique specialty blending both medicine and surgery, whilst simultaneously looking after two patients at once. Covering the broad range of Obs & Gynae related topics, from women’s health, sexual health, global health to obstetrics, there is something for everyone! We plan to have many events throughout the year, so keep an eye out and we hope to see you there!!

Oncology, Haematology and Palliative care (OHP) Society

Hello everyone, and welcome to the BSMS Oncology, Haematology and Palliative care (OHP) Society. We decided to revive this society, as there is an overwhelming interest in these specialties at the medical school and they make up the core components of our medical education. Through this society, we hope to organise interesting talks by pioneers in these fields and everyone is welcome to come along. We also aim to find research opportunities for those who are interested. In addition, we will be raising money for charities such as Macmillan (and other local charities) through bake sales and fundraisers. We are hoping to run some student-led teaching sessions for module 103 (we feel your pain!) – so you can ace your exam! If you want to be involved in one of the biggest and most dynamic societies at BSMS then this is the society for you. The committee can’t wait to see you throughout the year at our events and our conference in 2021!

Orthopaedics Society

The society for anyone interested in or wanting to know more about orthopaedics! We hope to bring our members information about the field, fun, and opportunities for your CV.


The BSMS Pakistani Society is a community that welcomes people who are of Pakistani heritage as well as those who are interested in learning more about the vibrant culture and tradition of Pakistan. PakSoc aims to shed light on important topics and host an array of social events throughout the year including ‘Meet & Greets’, ‘Food Festival, ‘Games Nights’ and ‘Bollywood Movie Nights’. As a newly formed society, we hope to celebrate cultural diversity and bring people together to learn, enjoy and introduce Pakistan’s identity to BSMS.

Please follow us on our social media pages for regular updates, events and more information.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Paediatric Society

BSMS PaedSoc is a very active society at BSMS, ensuring we have many opportunities for medical students to get involved and find out more about paediatrics. Every year, we host the National Student Paediatric Conference, with a range of speakers and workshops, which is followed up with an evening ball which promises to be an amazing evening. In addition, we participate in the Europe-wide initiative Teddy Bear Hospital, visiting schools with the aim to prevent and combat “white coat syndrome” in young children. Throughout the year, we spend time fundraising for our fabulous charities; Haydn’s Wish, Whoopsadaisy and Rockinghorse Children’s charity. We also aim to run informative paediatric revision sessions for fourth and fifth years before their final exams, and lots more other events over this coming year.

Psychiatry Society

BSMS’ Psychiatry Society, also known as PsychSoc, is all about (you guessed it) the wonderful world of psychiatry. We are keen to increase interest in the vast field that is psychiatry and inspire medical students to consider it as a future career path. We put on plenty of events throughout the academic year that aim to engage and inspire, and we would love to see you at all of them!


The radiology society seeks to provide immersive opportunities to those BSMS students already interested in Radiology, those seeking deeper insight into this diverse speciality, or those simply keeping their options open. To promote Radiology as a career and discipline, the society’s events will look to involve expert guest speakers, lectures and workshops, in addition to peer-teaching events.


RAG is the fundraising society for BSMS! We host a variety of events throughout the year such as; pub quizzes, nights out, RAG raids and many more! We like to give students a great experience at our events, while also raising money for a variety of charities. We are an inclusive, friendly and dedicated team that will seek to provide Medsoc members with the opportunity to raise money for a good cause and to have a great time all year round! Additionally, we want to support students who want to fundraise for a charity they feel passionate about by helping them with organising events, advertising, and much more

Refugee Support

Refugee Support aims to raise awareness of the situation for refugees both globally and in Europe, through providing teaching sessions on the rights of refugees and migrants to access healthcare, organising talks about pertinent issues and also disseminating relevant events other groups are organising.

Other work fundamental to our aims is fundraising for NGOs supporting refugees as well as running several popular trips a year to volunteer in Calais and Dunkirk for charities providing assistance and support to refugees. We also are a resource for other students to ask questions about the situation for refugees and how they can help. We are a multi-disciplinary society, comprising students from both the medical school and also the University of Sussex and work with other student led bodies within BSMS.


Welcome to RockSoc!! A growing society set up for those both new and experienced at bouldering.

We hold weekly sessions on Wednesdays at Boulder Brighton in which we socialise, train and encourage each other to build our climbing skills.
For those who don’t know, Bouldering is rock climbing stripped to the bare minimum. No harness and no ropes, only your climbing shoes and a chalk bag. You must navigate short climbing routes ranging from the straight forward, and increasing in difficulty to the more challenging climbs that require more physical and mental skill that you’ll need to persist at. Bouldering is a great way to utilise your entire body, including your brain! You need to plan your moves in advance, serving as a perfect way to get your mind off work and de-stress. The climbing routes are graded by a variety of difficulties so people of all ability can find their comfort zone and challenge their skills each week.


BSMS Spectrum is a society that hopes to promote the equality of marginalised sexual orientations and gender identities, including those that identify as LGB&T, predominantly in the healthcare sector. We aim to put on educational events with a medical focus on more specific things than just ‘LGB&T Health’. We are working closely with the Brighton and Sussex University Hospital’s LGBTQ+ Network and staff at BSMS to deliver quality seminars that should be useful for all clinicians and students. We also hope to have a few socials to integrate with students across all years and on other courses to create an interconnected LGBTQ+ support system.

Students for global health

Welcome to Students for Global Health! We are a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. With BSMS being a national centre for global health studies, we aim to work with the uni, local Brighton based organisations, the national SfGH board and the international federation of medical students to create events, fundraisers and workshops to push for global health equity and justice.


As a society we hope to promote surgery as a career choice amongst students as BSMS. We aim to build a foundation for students to learn surgical anatomy and provide a supportive environment in which students can begin to develop the vital surgical skills necessary to progress into the surgical field.

Tea with Terina (formally tea and empathy)

Tea with Terina (tea and empathy) is a well-being society which aims to support medical students. We run peer support events, offering a confidential and safe space to discuss concerns, through our drop ins. You can also contact us, to arrange a 1-to-1 meet up (virtually or not!) with any of our committee for tea and cake, via We host fun craft events, help out with dog therapy, and have plans to expand! Did you know during covid lockdown we set up a fun daily challenge page? We are here to support you throughout your time at BSMS so please come and say hello! Our society is named in memory of a beautiful, intelligent and caring medical student, Terina, who was passionate about improving student welfare for all.

The Medic Review

The Medic Revue is an annual comedy-show- musical entirely written, directed, performed, produced by BSMS students! It’s performed over 3 nights which sell out every year, with most people attending to ignore the narcissistic actors and listen to the nine-piece band instead. We cannot claim that the show is funny or even good, but we can claim that it will be happening so buy tickets 

all students can audition for the cast/crew/band – so get involved!

The Murmur

We are the BSMS Student magazine, published every term. We strive to keep the BSMS community informed of current issues (both locally and globally), and welcome any and all submissions, whether that be a written article, some artwork, or poetry. If you would like more info or have an idea for a submission, please email us.

Wilderness Medicine

We are a society for students interested in expedition, wilderness, altitude, dive, aviation, space, pre-hospital and humanitarian medicine.
We welcome all Brighton & Sussex students to our events! At the start of the year it is likely our events will include online webinars and hopefully towards the end of the year we  may be able to organise trips. Ideas we have for events include walks, camping, external speakers and film screenings. 
Our goal for the year is to make events that are accessible for the student body at Brighton and Sussex. No prior knowledge of wilderness or expeditions is needed to attend our events and we hope to encourage interest in a variety of areas of wilderness, expedition, remote and extreme environment medicine.