Meet the committee

President – Jonah Padfield

Hi everyone! I’m Jonah and I will be your MedSoc President this year! By the time you read this I’ll (hopefully) be a 4th year, but that does mean I’ll miss out on all the amazing balls we have planned for you over the next year :(. Away from MedSoc and Medicine I’m usually either playing rugby (not that my clavicle enjoys it), watching rugby or football (big up Quins and the Seagulls), listening to rock music or nursing a hangover (something I still haven’t perfected).

As your President I’m here to oversee the MedSoc committee and support them in implementing their ideas to improve student life at BSMS as voted for by our members, and I do come up with the occasional idea myself. It’s looking like it’s going to be an exciting year ahead and I can’t wait to see you all out and about enjoying our sports, events and societies! If you see me around, please come and say hello (or buy me an alcoholic beverage)!

Get involved in everything! Try every society you’re interested in, every sport and every event! It’s the best way to meet everybody and take time away from Medicine!

Vice-President: Boldi Kordas

Hi everyone! I’m Boldi, your VP for this year. After retiring from rugby last year, you’ll probably find me surfing by the marina or on the sports pitches. Otherwise I’ll probably be in the basement of the AEB bashing Anki.

My role is to do whatever Jonah tells me to do pretty much. You’ll be seeing my bulletin on the medsoc website and posted onto instagram. As ex-freshers rep, I’m also helping the current reps organise freshers week. My role also involves helping all of the other reps do their jobs and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Take every opportunity that comes your way, and go out lots during freshers and first year!

Secretary – Lottie Janssen

I am Lottie, I’m going into 3rd year, and I spend about 50% of my day laughing. You will probably see me playing sports, you might occasionally catch me in the club with some horrendous dance moves, but you most definitely will catch me falling asleep just about anywhere. I promise I’m friendly, so please come and say hi and I will for sure want to help if you need anything!

I work alongside King Jonah and Prince Boldi to help to organise meetings and to try and keep track of all that goes on in MedSoc!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people, you won’t regret it later 🙂 AND join a sports team or a society!!

Treasurer – Chris Hill

Hi everyone I’m Chris and I’m your (head) treasurer. I’ll be in charge of all your money this year along with Spencer. Like all good treasures I’m diligent, hard working and well connected, just see the time Gino Pozzo (owner of Watford football club) stopped me to ask me for a photo here.

This year Spencer and I plan to increase transparency in the Medsoc process as newcomers to the committee by making  exactly where your money is going and how it is being spent.

Treasurer – Holly and Rebecca Webster

We’re twins who are both in 4th year, coincidentally we’re both interested in anaesthetics and emergency medicine. We also almost single handedly run the University of Brighton Polo Team and have done for the last few years.

We’re the treasurers so our job is to handle the money for Medsoc to ensure lots of different events having funding across the year.

Party hard and enjoy it! (not too close to your exams though)!

Social Secretary – Hannah Brudney

What I lack in height (I’m 5”1 rounded up to the nearest 5”1) I gain in ability to wow you with socials. I love food, playing squash (aka sitting around the squash courts having a chat) and going out on a chalk Thursday ❤️

Alice and I will be organising the socials for the year and picking the best themes for you to wow us with your dressing up skills and dedication to nights out. We’ll also be planning the winter ball which will be really fun; just don’t fall off a stage and break your foot like I did – not my proudest moment.

Everyone’s trying to make friends so don’t be nervous about making conversation with new people – just don’t drink your body weight in tequila in freshers week; never ends well

Societies Rep – Joey and Robbie

Fueled by energy drinks and Robbie’s daily 2 litres of vegan lentil curry, we hope to support you all in any of your society related endeavours!

As your societies reps we are responsible for supporting the non-sports societies at med soc this includes all the academic, wellbeing and other societies! If you have any questions or want to set up or get involved in any of the many societies at BSMS just give us a shout!

Get involved in everything! Robbie will actively encourage you to get involved in all the sports no matter your ability. Brighton is a great place to live so make sure you get off campus and explore!

Sports Rep – Lottie Hatherell and Megan Crossman

Lottie plays women’s football and started women’s rugby last year. Megan plays squash after starting it last year. Although she’s not improved that much, it’s the taking part that counts.

As sports reps this year we are hoping to support each sports team and encourage everyone to join in and play whether you’ve had previous experience or not. We are also really excited to organise 2 varsity’s this year!

Lottie – Join women’s rugby

Megan – try not to lose all your belongings in chalk

Welfare Officer – Jess Falshaw

Hi I’m Jess! Outside of Medicine you can find me on the rugby pitch which is handy for my MedSoc role as I have big shoulders to cry on and can help you run away from your problems. I also love to read in coffee shops with my basic vanilla latte; channelling my inner Rory Gilmore. Elle Woods is my ultimate role model but unfortunately I’m ginger and not blonde…however like Elle I’m not afraid of a challenge and am excited to be part of MedSoc this year!

As Welfare Officer I’m essentially MedSoc’s designated agony aunt. I’m here to help with whatever issues you may have, no matter how big or small. I can provide a listening ear to the problems you bring to me and help you directly, or signpost you to the right place all whilst supporting you throughout the process. I also work closely with the Med School and Student Support to help cater to your needs, help with stress relief and work out how we can better this, to suit us as students both this year and in the future going forward. Med School is hard, but hopefully I’m here to help make it that little bit easier.

Try and go to as many events and join as many societies you can – both MedSoc and Brighton/Sussex Uni – as this will help expand your social circle outside your flat! Also throughout your years at uni – no matter if you’re a drinker or not – go all out with outfits and keep all the fancy dress you buy or pick up from others, as it will come in very handy in future years and lends itself to iconic photos and memories!

Diversity Rep – Masuma Jannath and Sukriti Ray

We were last year’s social inclusivity reps and hope we can carry what we learn from last year into this role!

As diversity reps we aim to be inclusive of all different aspects of diversity including culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity and more.

A new environment may be daunting, try your best to be open, we’ll be with you to help you out too!

Social Inclusivity Rep – Mark Tippins & Rubeen Ahmad

Hey everyone! We’re Mark and Rubeen, your social inclusivity reps for 2023-24.

As social inclusivity reps we believe that, with BSMS having students coming from many different backgrounds, everyone should be able to feel included in Medsoc events. In particular, one of the major divides in med-school is drinkers vs non-drinkers, and we’ll both be working to upgrade the frequency and diversity of non-drinking events. We’re keen to make sure all people’s voices are heard, so get in touch if you have any ideas for events you’d like to see run!

Download the Brighton and Hove bus app ASAP, it will give you live tracking of all buses in Brighton more accurately than google/apple maps.

Graduate and Mature Rep – Sophia Allwood

Hi there! I’m Sophia, I’m 27 years old, and I’m so excited to be your grad & mature Rep this year! I was born in Hong Kong but moved to Essex, UK when I was 7. Before coming to BSMS, I graduated from a Biomed degree in London – basically just a girl in a lot of debt. All you have to know about me is that I am a dog mother to a Labrador called Coffee and that I absolutely would die for Taylor Swift. Can’t wait to meet you all & if you see me around, please come say hi! ♡

Here for advice, support, and everything in between for all fellow grads & mature students.

Enjoy your free time while you have it! Med school will only ask for your blood, sweat, tears and soul.

International Students Rep – Victoria Lee

Heya everyone, I’m Victoria – your International Student Rep this year. I am from South Korea and an avid foodie, volunteer and yogee!

I’m here to help international students adapt well at BSMS and life in Brighton. Throughout the year I will ensure all our voices are heard, and always be available to support and give you a listening ear. I also look forward to organising events (academic/non-academic) for a fun & memorable year ahead. If you have any question please let me know. Looking forward to meeting you all ❣

Let’s study hard consistently + enjoy life outside medicine (joining societies, gym, exploring new interests, making memories with friends etc.) 💓

Freshers Rep – Joana Goncalves Ferreira

I’m a second year who’s been living off double vodka cokes and seaside kebabs since starting uni.

We have done our best to organise a freshers week full of events so you guys can get to know each other and find out all that Brighton has to offer!

ONLY BUY THE MEDSOC WRISTBAND, I wasted £70 on a different wristband and didn’t go to a single event. Make sure you speak to as many people as possible during freshers week and get to know your medic family.

Freshers Rep – Abi Brookes

I’m a second year who spends more time in the club than in the library and am so excited to have the fun of freshers week all over again with you guys.

The three of us are so excited to give you the best freshers week and hope you have as much fun as we did in freshers week!

Get to know everyone and go to all the freshers events, get to know your medic family and just have fun! If you have any questions or are struggling with anything just talk to one of us we’d be happy to help

Freshers Rep – Georgina Penton

I’m a second year & I believe in “work hard, play hard”

Abi, Joana & I will be organising your unforgettable freshers week as well as the winter ball.

Go to every freshers event, buy your BSMS freshers wrist band & get to know your medic parents <3 any question feel free to message us.

Sponsorship Rep – Seun

Some days, I amaze myself. Other days, I put my keys in the fridge.

I am involved with getting the Medsoc more money to spend on fun events and activities.

Enjoy first year, it only gets harder.

First Year Rep – Sophia

Hi! I’m Sophia and I am one half of the iconic duo who are your first year reps this year. I’m looking forward to avoiding work and dedicating even more time to nights out and exciting socials for you all.

First Year Rep – Lily

Hi!! I’m the other half of the iconic duo, Lily and I can’t wait to plan some feral events for refreshers and keep the party going all year long !

Third Year Rep – Maz and Raj

Hi everyone, we’re Maz and Raj. We both have a shared loved for food, travelling and making tiktoks.
You might even be featured in one 🤠

Our main role as 3rd year reps is to host the ‘Half Way There Ball’ because well we’re 3/5ths of the way there!

Nobody REALLY knows what’s going on at med school so don’t beat yourself up or compare yourself. It’s your journey and yours alone.

Stay true to yourself, eat and sleep well, ask for help (from anyone & everyone) and make lots of memories because time flies by at uni.

Intercalation Rep – Abbie Miller

I’m Abbie, and I will be intercalating in Urgent and Emergency Care at St George’s Hospital in London next year. I’ve really enjoyed the last 3 years at BSMS and am now excited to try something new!

My role is to keep intercalaters in the loop with what’s going on at BSMS and make sure we all have a smooth transition back into medicine next year!

Make sure you go to Chalk! It’s the best club in btown (especially on a Monday!) 🙂

Fourth Year Rep – Emma Walker

Hi! I’m Emma and I’m one of the 4th year reps on Medsoc this year! I’ve just come back from intercalating in Prehospital Medicine at Barts, and so am very excited throw myself back into BSMS life!

In particular I’m looking thrilled to be one of the directors of the Medic Revue this year- after performing in it in 2022 before I left to intercalate.

You can sometimes find me spending time on the beach and going for sea swims all through the year- something I have really missed while in London.

I look forward to joining my new year group, and to meeting some of the lower years at events throughout the year.

As 4th year reps, we’re looking to reintegrate the year and inspire cohesion after the changes caused by those leaving and returning from intercalation. This can be important because of how academically tough fourth year can be, but also to ensure that the last few years of medical school are as happy and enjoyablr as possible!

In particular, we are looking to motivate closeness within rotation groups as previous years have seen. These people are likely to be those you see the most!

Lastly, as intercalators, we hold a wealth of knowledge about the process and experience that could be useful for lower years who are considering whether it might be right for them. We’d love to organise further information sharing, to pair up prospective intercalators with past intercalators to help guide them through the process.

Freshers week might be equally the most exciting but exhausting week of your lives! I advice throwing yourself into everyting you think you might be even slightly interested in, as getting to meet people early can be so useful!

Tales from things I did in first year are still some of the funniest and most ridiculous things I’ve ever done, so try and make some memories to look back on when you’re

Fifth Year Reps – Beatrice Patel and Camille Kippen

Hi we’re Bea and Camille, your 5th year reps! We met on interview day and have been BFFs ever since 🫶🏻 We’re pretty shocked to have gotten this far, and having had our fair share of work related breakdowns over the years, we’re more than happy to answer any work/life related BSMS stresses or questions you may have ❤

Our role will be to help our year navigate the new foundation allocation system, and of course the most important task, organising the long awaited graduation ball!

In the words of Malcolm Reed “do enough”

IT and Comms Rep – Olly Blakemore

Hi, I’m Olly and I’m the IT guy for Medsoc this year, as well as the men’s rugby captain.

I’ll be working on maintaining the website, and trying to make it better than before. I’m the first point of contact if you have any technical issues with Medsoc accounts, and if you have any suggestions for the website feel free to let me know!