Welcome from the president!

Hi everybody!

My name is Nick, and I am MedSoc president! You may remember me from such roles as IT and comms and third year rep. I have been on the committee for two years now and have taken a very active role in the running of MedSoc. I have also given it the gift of the (what I have been told is) epic website.

MedSoc is a wonderful mini student union that is focused on making sure that medical students have a life outside of medicine. If you play sport, you can play football, rugby, netball, basketball and so much more. Check out our sports Instagram or contact our sports reps Sofie Williams and Yasmin Osman on sports@bsmsmedsoc.co.uk. If you want to do something more inside oriented and don’t mind getting up on stage, you could join the medic revue! And if you want more medicine, you can join one of the many medical oriented societies. We have everything from Neurology to orthopaedics and everything in between. All our societies are listed on our website here. The greatest part is, if there isn’t a society or sport you want to take part in that is available here. You can get some friends together and make it happen. Just speak to our society reps Ben and James here.

Of course, alongside all this there is the social side of life. Our social secs Marcy Lea and Ruby Westhead, alongside our social inclusivity reps Suki Ray and Masuma Jannath will make sure that you have the best time when you’re not stuck in lectures or on clinical placement. We put on nights out pretty much every week, Grand balls at important milestones and even laser tag! You can contact the social secs at social@bsmsmedsoc.co.uk and the inclusivity reps at inclusivity@bsmsmedsoc.co.uk.

Make sure that you keep up with what is going on with events by looking at the MedSoc calendar. You can also look at VP Hannah’s weekly bulletin. It’s on the VP blog.

I really hope that you have a great time at BSMS and that as a committee we help you achieve that in some small way. Remember if you have something you want chat about you can email me here and if you see me out and about say hi!