MedSoc is a non-profit organisation set up by students to benefit students. All the money that it raises is pumped straight back into events and societies for you, hosting events such as the Winter Ball and Graduation Ball. As well as organising these events, it also governs the medics’ sports teams, allowing students to fit sports around our busy timetables! We also sit on the medical school’s student affairs committee, allowing us to pass on your feedback to make your lives easier!

MedSoc uses your membership fee to help run the many societies that you can join and take part in, support the sports teams that you can play for and to put on amazing socials and balls.

At £50 for lifetime membership (just £10 per year at BSMS!), you will get representation and discounts on events through all 5 years of the course. This includes discounts on events run by medsoc and its societies. We are constantly working on getting you discounts on other things around Brighton.

Remember, you must be a member to join a sports team or society committee.

Join MedSoc and be represented!

*A service charge is added to purchases.

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