Extra Curricular

MedSoc and its affiliated societies are renowned for the fantastic social events that we put on for our members. These include club nights, formal balls, and performance shows. All of these events are lovingly put on for you by people working tirelessly to make sure you have a good time – please support and attend plenty of them! Check out the events coming up this month, as well as some of the highlights of the academic year below, and get excited for what is to come!

All our events are on our events calendar HERE!

Fresher’s Week

Why am I even writing a description of this? If you’re new to BSMS, welcome to the best week of your life so far! This week is so epic that we have two committee members who have spent their entire summer trying to ensure that you have the best week possible. You will meet your medic family, your new flatmates, and finally actually go to the illustrious place that is medical school after an exhausting application process. Expect to don a toga and golf attire, but prepare for all fancy dress eventualities! This week is about getting involved and meeting the people with whom you will spend the next five years – you will have a blast! Returning students know exactly what this is about, come and join the fun!


Brighton is known for its frankly weird but wonderful celebration of individualism and diversity. On this night, we honour that celebration by cross-dressing in the name of charity. An all-time favourite at BSMS, D-RAG has grown from strength to strength over the years. In 2015, RAG raised £1100 from D-RAG and had attendees from all 5 years at the medical school, with over 220 people present! With men donning outfits from naughty nurses to pretty princesses, you’ll no doubt see the men of the medical school donning heels, make-up and array of short skirts and revealing tops. The women, too, are a sight for sore eyes, with the option of being beautiful burlesque dancers or employing every male stereotype known to man from rugby players to anything with a beard. D-RAG is NEVER a night to be missed.

Medic Mayhem

Isn’t it obvious? 300+ medics, medical puns, walkabout. Such a crazy night! From youth-in-Asia to the lady and the lamp (that actually lit up), there were some great costumes. No one turns up without an effort! There were some inventive uses for blood bags and some very questionable face paint but everyone looked like they had a great night. Until next year!


This one is another BSMS staple. Phase 1 have come to the end of their first term of the year and are well and truly ready for a night to celebrate! Get dressed up, head to a posh hotel, and have a three-course meal and act like a civilised human again after weeks of grueling revision! Your social secretaries have spent most of their term planning this night, and it will be even better than they hype it up to be! You’ll be in good company, too, as this year we were honored to host the Dean and his wife, Dr Claire Smith, and some of the anatomy demonstrators. Do not miss this!

Re-Freshers Week

You’ve just returned from a thoroughly deserved break for Christmas and New Year, and you’re buzzing to be back in Brighton. What better way to kick off the new term than with a series of fantastic social events organised by your newly-elected First Year Reps?! You can look forward to themed nights out from societies like PaedSoc, as well as a variety of events put on by your reps themselves. One to look forward to, and definitely not one to miss!

RAG Cabaret

BSMS’ biggest and best (and only) talent show, which aims to rival the likes of the Royal Variety Performance and the X Factor! A night that caters to all years, we show off the best of what BSMS has to offer, which too often turns out to be too little. Packed full with laughter and followed by a not-so classy night out at anywhere but Shoosh, the 2-hour show hosted by 1 or 2 of BSMS’ finest promises to keep you doubled over with laughter. With special appearances from the Medic Revue and song and dance societies, there is an array of talent on show…honestly!


As the name suggests, G-RAG is all about being G and releasing the inner gangster that’s within (most of) us. One popular aspect of the night that grows with every year are the truly outRAGeous but equally hilarious tramp stamps. From the gold-hooped earrings, tank tops and trackies to the gold chains, tattoos and flat caps, it’s time to form your gangs and represent Brighton. No guns allowed.