Medsports – Alternative Link

Regular Price £66.12



This alternative purchase link is for people who are entitled to a reduced MedSport price and have contacted Maz first.

if you purchase this without speaking to Maz first and have been given this link by someone else your membership will be revoked along with the person who gave you the link.

Sharing of this link is against the MedSoc code of conduct and if this occurs your ability to play for medsoc teams or attend future Medsoc events may be affected


This medsport purchase is the joining fee for sport Brighton

Sport brightons price is £95. however medosc is committed to keeping the price low for our members so you will only pay £75.

When you have completed your purchase your details will be passed to sport brighton and you will be added to their system.

Please enter the sports you play on the form

Sport brighton operate a zero tolerance policy on membership. If players are found to be attending practice or playing in games without membership the team will be given 1 week to get members to purchace Medsport.

If after this week there are still people playing without medsport the entire teams privileges will be revoked until such time that members have purchased membership.