MedSoc Lifetime Membership

Regular Price £50.91



This gives you lifetime  membership to BSMS MedSoc. It allows you to join and take part in any of our sports teams or societies. It also allows you to join our EPIC socials and balls and as a Medsoc Member you get discounted tickets!

Details on how to register on the MedSoc website are included in your purchase email.

By purchasing this membership you are also agreeing to the MedSoc code of conduct available below

“The Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medical Society Code of Conduct
Members of Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medical Society agree to not:
– Threaten, bully, harass or conduct in an abusive manner
– Act in a physically or sexually violent manner
– Partake in any racist or discriminatory behaviour
– Cause significant damage to property of the Medical Society
Behaviour should be in concordance with the equality and diversity policy, the safer space policy and zero tolerance behaviour policy. This will include online activity. If there is breach of these terms, the medical school will be contacted by MedSoc with the details of the incident. Apologies and correction of behaviour is encouraged. Student Support will also be involved wherever appropriate.
Once membership is purchased you have 7 days to request a full refund. There is a 91 pence processing charge added to this purchase. The membership is still £50