Vice President

Zahra Al-Zoubeidi

Hi my name is Zahra and I’m going into 4th year. I am this year’s VP and have previously been Sponsorship rep. I’ll be in charge of the Medsoc calendar and will be authoring the fabulous Weekly Bulletin, a weekly guide of all the amazing events we have at Medsoc which comes straight to your email. My personal aims are ensuring that the voices of marginalised student groups are heard, and that we form a cohesive community of support and growth.


Fave thing about BSMS:

The people! BSMS is a place filled with people you will not find anywhere else who are here to help you at every step of your journey. I’ve met some of the best people in my life here. Brighton is a lively, warm city full of great individuals and the medical school really reflects that.

Best memory of BSMS:

My house’s Christmas dinner. We did a big shop together, preparing everything and cooking together, squabbled about the right way to make roasties, popped out quickly to some shady area in our PJs to vote, then came back and stuffed ourselves on Christmas dinner. Was a very wholesome time.

Dream job:

Something creative where I can express myself. Something crafty making pretty things, like jewellery maker. Or a voice actress for cartoons or anime, I do a pretty good (and incredibly cringey) anime dub voice lol.

Favourite film:

At the moment Howl’s Moving Castle. The animation is absolutely beautiful, and the story is so whimsical, romantic and dreamy and has a strong female lead. Also, I’m very much in love with Howl.

What celebrity would I be:

Queen Lizzo. I love her energy, she is a bad b who embodies self-love, is an advocate for body positivity and a feminist icon. Realistically if I was a celebrity I would probably be a mix of her and Lewis Capaldi.