Committee Advisor

Danny Ray

Ahoy everyone! I will be this year’s committee advisor; so will be using my prior 2 years of experience on the committee in order to support any decision-making the committee undertakes. I hope to share this experience when necessary and add to any discussion with useful pointers. Aside from that, I’m here to remain helpful and be part of what is a fantastic committee. I’m looking forward to where things go and will continue to attend all our events, because they are the best in town and quite possibly, the entire world. From our fresher’s week to our graduation ball, you can’t quite find a better place then MedSoc. 

Fave thing about BSMS?
BSMS Medic Families. My parents are great, my siblings are great, my wife is great and my kids are great.

What is your best memory of BSMS?
Being a newbie on the wards is the correct answer, however it could be … scoring my first ever try last year or making a campaign video for a MedSoc position when I was in first year. Quite possibly D-RAG 2019, Fresher’s week or any of our year-round balls. Running the marathon for RAG is a tiring but epic memory. The annual EmSoc conference and watching the Medic Revue are always pretty cool. Or could be possibly attempting to walk back to halls blindfolded after some cardiology lectures. Edgy, I know.
If you could live anywhere where would it be?
I’d fish for carp in a lakeside cottage on the shore of lake Balaton with my two Samoyeds. That’s the dream but I am happy to settle for whatever, life is good. 

Favourite Film?
Star Wars ROTS – I cry every time Obi Wan has the high ground.