BSMS Medsports Subscription

Regular Price £50.91



BSMS Medsports Subscription is your way to access the best medic teams. With a discount for MedSoc members. For Non-Medsoc members the Subscription is £50 and a 91 pence transaction fee. For Medsoc members the membership is £40 with a 77 pence transaction fee.

The Medsport subscription will help provide access to facilities, leagues and equipment. On offer are a range of different sports, including:

  • Football (Men and Women’s)
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Tennis

The BSMS Medsports Subscription offers the perfect opportunity as a medical student to maintain or, if you’re just beginning, start your journey in sports. Not only does this membership provide opportunities to maintain physical health, but also mental health. Every medical student needs a hard earned break from their studies to release endorphins and the many other feel good hormones missing in their depressing revision. So, buy a membership. Feel well – think well.